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1964 - Judy Davis

Kannapolis Education Foundation
"If there be any truer measure of a person than by what they do, it must be by what they give." - Robert South

The Kannapolis Education Foundation is proud of Kannapolis City Schools, and we strongly believe in its future. We are delighted to be part of making a solid future for Kannapolis City Schools and hope you will join us. Won't you take a moment to make a donation to Kannapolis Education Foundation and support the children of our community?  Your donations will help us support KCS in its effort to provide the most advanced education to our students. You may want to consider contributing to the foundation as a memorial to a deceased class member or in honor of a special teacher that made a difference in your life. 

The Kannapolis Education Foundation was established in 1993 for the purpose of receiving donations to enhance the educational programs at Kannapolis City Schools. Its mission is to provide resources to broaden and strengthen the educational experiences of the children of Kannapolis City Schools and to enhance the quality of education for the community’s most valuable and worth asset – our children.  Since it was formed, the KEF has donated approximately $500,000 to Kannapolis City Schools.

Website: KEFgives.org

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  Kannapolis Education Foundation
  100 Denver St.
  Kannapolis, NC 28083

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